Physician Dispensing

Physician Dispensing

Dispensing solutions allow physicians and approved office staff to provide patients with medications quickly and safely at the point-of-care, assume the collection risks on claims guarantee reimbursements to its clients and provide stable and substantial ancillary revenue opportunity for physicians.

In most states physician dispensing is legal. A few states like New York, Texas and Utah do not permit physician dispensing. As long as a doctor has a valid DEA and state medical license they can provide a point-of-care pharmacy dispensing program. Rules vary state by state, but in most cases office staff can dispense medications that physician ordered under their supervision. Apart from legal requirements, the extent of office staff involvement is completely physician. For example, some offices will delegate the dispensing process to their nursing staff.

Providing patients with medications during an office visit will benefit the patients is many ways:

    SAVE THE PATIENTS TIME: Patients who are hurt or in pain will appreciate the convenience that comes from receiving their medications from their physician. According to recent national study: "Three out of four Americans would have their prescription filled in their doctor's office instead of a pharmacy if given the choice".
    INCREASE INCOME: Physicians who dispense medications for workers compensations on average are reimbursed anywhere from $25.00-$250.00 per bottle depending on the medication.
    IMPROVE TREATMENT COMPLIANCE: Published estimates indicate that many patients do not fill their prescriptions. By dispensing medications directly to the patients physicians will be certain that their patients have the medications they need.

Dispensing is typically done in offices which prescribe heavily for acute conditions needing a single course of therapy. Typical medications include antibiotics, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, pain, and gastro related medications.

There are three key advantages for in office dispensing:


Your patients obtain their medications and test results at the point of care. The whole process can be performed with your existing staff in less than 30 seconds per patient. Whether you own a large health care organization, or you are a solo practitioner the suitable software can be found.


Physician dispensing solution enables healthcare professionals to be in compliance with all state and federal regulations and prescription drug monitoring programs. By using software to electronically track all pedigree papers, lot numbers, expiration dates and controlled substances with line item reconciliation. Also, it can identify the location, physician, dispenser, cost, profit and date of dispensed medications.


Physician Dispensing - In the contemporary medical industry, offsetting the costs and capturing all potential revenue, while maximizing patient care, are the key segments of establishing successful Healthcare organization.